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Happy Dark Souls DLC day, everyone!

October 24, 2012

It’s cool guys, I got this

How do I love thee, Dark Souls? Let me count the ways….. or not, as it would take years. Needless to say, I adore Dark Souls. Notorious for its difficulty, the game is brutally punishing but also completely fair. If you die, it was your own fault. Getting the full 1000G is one of my proudest accomplishments.

A melancholic atmosphere and a story that is never quite explained make the whole package a beautiful and haunting experience. It is, in my opinion, the best game of this generation. Dark Souls was ported to PC a couple of months ago with a big chunk of new content. I’ve been waiting patiently and today that new stuff is finally released as DLC on console. Hooray!

I haven’t played Dark Souls since around February, but I was, modestly speaking, totally fucking boss by that point. I expected to be able to jump back in and pick things up with no trouble, like riding a bike. Within thirty seconds of loading my old save, I was invaded by another player and brutally murdered. The player then messaged me calling me a “pussy”. Never change, Dark Souls.

Still, after a little while re-acclimatizing, I made my way to where I had heard the portal to the new area of content was located. There was nothing there. Of course, this being Dark Souls, there are a number of criteria to accomplish before you are allowed to access this new zone. Did you think it would be that easy, Smith? The time away has made me naive.

After traipsing my way back to where I started and doing what I had to, I was finally ready to access the new area. And what’s the first thing that greets you in this new world? If your answer was “an enormous boss that looks kinda like a chimera and really wants to eat your face” then congratulations, you saw the picture at the top. It says a lot that a boss hard enough to be the final objective in many games is merely a warmup here.

One man against the world.

I’ve only gotten a little further since, but I’m happy to report that it’s just as good as what came before. The new environments are stunning in their design, evoking the same sense of loneliness that made the original game seem so menacing. This is no opportunistic cash-in – this is a full expansion, with a number of new lands to explore, bosses to fight, weapons to find and hidden areas to discover. There are hours of content here.

If this all sounds like a huge shill, that’s because it is. I love Dark Souls and I want as many people to play it as possible. The game is being re-released on console with the new content included for a reduced price, and I cannot urge you enough to pick it up. This is not a casual game. You will struggle, and you will die. But each time you do a little better, and the reward for finally overcoming those challenges is getting to experience one of the finest games ever made. Play Dark Souls.

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